Girls with Guns

Kilima-Reversible Puff Jacket

By April Draper

As more and more women are becoming heavily involved in the outdoors and hunting, there is definitely a need for a clothing line that is made just for them. I have recently had the opportunity to meet with the wonderful ladies of Girls with Guns, a company owned by women, dedicated to the design of hunting clothing, active wear, and even a lifestyle line, for women who love their guns, and the outdoors.  l was fortunate enough to try out the Girls with Guns Kilima-Reversible Puff Jacket from their hunting line, and I have to say, GWG has a new fan! The reversible feature allows for the camo to be worn in the woods, and the non-camo to be worn casually; but really whichever you prefer. I wore mine during hunting season, and although I didn’t get very lucky this time around, the camo side served its purpose. However, when I wasn’t in the woods, this jacket went with me everywhere. I prefer to wear the non-camo side when I’m out and about, but really the details on both sides of the jacket are cute. The camo pattern on my jacket is the Mossy Oak Country. I especially love the turquoise zippers, and the GWG logo.  It’s semi-fitted, so it accentuates your girlish figure, and true to size. (I have tried other so-called “women’s hunting jackets” and honestly they feel very unflattering. I would never where them out in public.) And there are tons of secret little pockets, which I love. I don’t always like to carry a purse when I go out, so I can easily zip away my cell phone, lip gloss, ID, whatever I want to have with me. I live in Georgia, and if you are familiar with the south, you know that our winters can be mild. But we do have our cold days for sure. This jacket is great to wear on those days and keeps me super warm! Even on the back of the motorcycle, I don’t feel any wind. It is so nice to be able to comfortably ride on a cold day and remain toasty. Although a puff jacket, it is surprisingly thin, so you don’t feel like you’re wearing a big bulky coat. I like that, and if I need to, I can wear as a layering piece as well. There is an attached storage bag inside one of the pockets, which allows you to pack it up. This comes in handy for storage during the summer months, and also for travel. Be sure to check this jacket out, along with the other awesome products Girls with Guns offers, by going to their website, You will not be disappointed.


100% Polyester

Shell Fabric with Ciré Finish

80 Grams of Primaloft Silver Hi-Loft


Wind and Water Resistant

Reversible and Packable

Shade Camouflage and Gun Metal Gray

Attached Storage Bag




By Jim Draper

Just like most hunters and outdoorsmen I like to start my day with a good cup of coffee, but sometimes in my travels it’s not always easy to come by. Well thanks to the COFFEEBOXX by OXX it just became a lot easier. I spend a lot of time hunting and attending hog baying competitions and most of the time I am in remote areas with limited access to places to get my morning cup of energy. I have tried thermoses and different ways to have my coffee but sometimes my trips are several days and a thermos just won’t keep coffee hot that long. I had been seeing advertisements for the OXX COFFEEBOXX for a while and finally decided it was time to give one a try. The COFFEEBOX is virtually indestructible and extremely well built with its crush-proof body, made with the impact-resistant materials, reinforced wall, six external stainless-steel tie-down points, a retractable cord and a rubberized handle.  All the components are completely sealed which make the COFFEEBOX water and dust resistant to help combat the elements for years of flawless service. I really like how the water tank is removeable and sealed so it can be transported separately without spilling. It would be great if it was rechargeable but I have run mine off a power inverter in my truck with no problems. The COFFEEBOXX is compatible with all your favorite K-Cups, but I have taken a liking to OXX’s own brand, Workhorse. If you need a coffee maker to go on whatever adventure you do, then do yourself a favor and check out the OXX COFFEEBOX.

Packs With Your Tools and Gear

  • Heavy duty construction.
  • Compact, lightweight and easy to carry
  • Rubberized carrying handle and fold-up drip tray

Brew a Hot, Fresh Cup of Your Favorite Coffee

  • Work with any K-cup™ compatible pod
  • Fast 30 second pre-heat and 75 second brew time
  • 8, 10, and 12oz cup size selection

Crew Size Capacity

  • Extra-large 85oz spill-proof water tank – the largest in the industry
  • Accommodates extra-large thermoses like the YETI Rambler™
  • Replaceable carbon water filter included

Engineered to Beat the Elements

  • Water and dust resistant design and sealed buttons (IP54 rating)
  • Sealed water tank keeps dust and debris out
  • Stainless steel hardware and UV resistant shell

Beyond Rugged

  • Built with a crush proof chassis that can withstand 1500lbs load
  • Ultra-tough design to take the bumps and bruises of toughest job sites
  • Impact resistant polymer construction.

Separate Hot Water Dispenser.

  • On-demand clean hot water
  • Great for tea, oatmeal, noodles, and more
  • No coffee residue

Midland X-Talker T75VP3

By Jim Draper

I spend much of my time hunting with my Dad and although he is in good health, as he gets older I find it more important to make sure that while we are hunting we have a good and reliable way to communicate. I know that in a lot of circumstances people stay in contact with their hunting partners via cell phone but some of the places we hunt have cell service that is less than reliable, so we have always carry our 2-way radios. I would say that everyone has heard of Midland; they have been a leader in 2-way communications for years. This year at the SHOT Show I had the privilege of getting the run down on some of their new products. One product that really stood out to me was the Midland X-Talker T75VP3. The X-Talker handheld walkie talkie has up to a 38-mile range and features 36 Channels and 121 Privacy Codes, Channel Scan, and Midland’s signature Weather Scan technology. The X-Talker is the perfect size to fit in the palm of your hand or clip on your backpack strap, and is so extremely light weight, you won’t even know it’s there. Although deer season is a few months away we have tested them out a little this year while turkey hunting and they have performed flawlessly. If you want a reliable and great way to make sure you can keep in touch with your hunting party check out Midland’s X-Talker series of hand held 2-way radios at


Three Year Warranty

36 Channels

Clear, crisp communication with easy button access

Xtreme Range* – Up to 38 miles

121 Privacy Codes

Weather Alert Radio with Weather Scan

Vibrate Alert

5 Animal Call Alerts

eVOX Hands-Free Operation

MSRP $89.99

SCENTLOK OZ20/OZ100/OZ500 combo

By Jim Draper

I would probably say that most hunters have heard of SCENTLOK clothing and in my opinion, it is a great tool to have. Now SCENTLOK has joined into the Ozone game and is knocking it out of the park with their new line-up of Ozone generators for all situations. I am not one that buys into a bunch of advertiser’s hype so I have to see a product work first hand. I can tell you from a personal experience that I know Ozone technology works I had a window leak in my truck and got everything soaked, my truck then sat for a few days in the GA heat and got a horrible musty smell. After cleaning out the truck and drying it out the smell was still present so I picked up SCENTLOK’s OZ20 which is an Ozone generator that plugs into the cigarette lighter of your vehicle. After leaving it plugged in overnight I was very impressed the next morning when I opened the door and the smell was gone. It made me a believer in Ozone technology. They have since added the OZ100 which is a small room Ozone generator, and most recently the OzChamber & OZ500 combo pack, which consists of a large duffle bag and the OZ500 Ozone generator. The OzChamber bag is extremely heavy-duty and has multiple pockets to keep all your stuff organized and when paired with the OZ500 it can be ridding your hunting clothes of odor while on the drive to hunting camp. I know I will be using the ScentLok Ozone products this fall and if you are looking for that extra advantage to trick the nose of the whitetail deer you should check them out too.

The new line of OZ ozone generators are designed to emit a powerful stream of ozone molecules to seek out and destroy virtually all types of odors and bacteria in its path.


  • Ozone technology 
    Destroys virtually all types of odors
    CycleClean™ technology 
         Moderates output to achieve maximum efficiency
    • Safe for your environment 
         Chemical and fragrance free
    Versatility at your fingertips 
         All-in-one 12V plug & 8 hour treatment cycle
  • MSRP $39.99

WARNING: Ozone products are only intended for use in unoccupied spaces


  • Ozone technology 
    Destroys virtually all types of odors
    CycleClean™ technology
         Moderates output to achieve maximum efficiency
    • Multipurpose
         Great for kitchens, bathrooms, small rooms, etc.
     Convenient to use
         Plugs straight into the wall outlet
  • MSRP $99.99


  • OZ500 unit included
       Plugs into the OZInject™ tubing system in bag
    OZInject™ technology
         Patent pending internal piping system distributes ozone
     Carbon Adsorber included
         Adsorbs odors from your gear and the air inside container
    • DWR finish
    Helps shed moisture to keep your gear dry
     Five internal mesh pockets
         Includes built in OZ500 pocket & quick access to OzInject piping
    • Removable, adjustable shoulder strap
         For comfortable, convenient carrying
    • Airtight side pocket
    To keep some items separated if needed
    • Durable 2″ grab straps
    Perfect for hauling heavy loads
    • Dimensions
         32″ W x 16″ H X 16″ D
  • MSRP $199.99


By Jim Draper

Living and hunting in the south we are always looking for ways to repel insects and prevent ourselves from contacting some of the horrible diseases they carry. I have used Deet for years but as most of us know it is not safe to get on the skin, so when I had the chance to try an all-natural alternative I jumped on it. It’s called BioShield™ and is powered by NeuroRX™. NeuroRX™ was developed by pharmacists with Prescription Strength results… and is a proprietary formula of Portland Outdoors™. NeuroRX™ works by attacking a neurotransmitter found only in insects. Neurotransmitters control the heart rate and metabolism. Fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and bed bugs produce a neurotransmitter called octopamine. NeuroRX™ blocks the octopamine, causing a complete shutdown of the central nervous system… killing insects nearly instantaneously. Octopamine is found only in insects. Humans and other mammals, birds and fish do not produce octopamine. Therefore, NeuroRX™ is safe to use around children and pets but is deadly to insects when used as directed. BioShield is a proprietary blend of all natural ingredients and therefore 100% safe to use on skin and clothing. BioShield has a pleasant citrus smell unlike most insect repellents. BioShield is safe to use on infants, children, pets, horses, cows, any mammal effected by insects. BioShield does not contain Deet. The pharmacists that developed BioShield do not recommend the use of DEET as a repellent for topical use due to concerns of toxicity. Certain naturally occurring substances have deterring effects on insects. When combined in specific concentrations utilizing our proprietary process; NeuroRx, the resultant all natural compound possesses powerful insect repellent properties and in some cases actually kills certain pests instantly. I have been using BioShield for almost a month now while turkey hunting and have been extremely pleased with its results. It has a fairly strong citrus smell so I’m not sure yet if it will be a good choice for deer hunting but I am sure going to try it and find out. BioSheild has a full line of repellents from small 4oz. bottles to easily fit in you pack all the way up to laundry detergents and also offer products for your pets and livestock. Find out all about BioShield at

HydraPak Full Force

By Jim Draper

Being an avid outdoorsman in the south one thing that is always important is to stay hydrated. I spend a lot of time in the outdoors whether it be hunting, fishing, scouting, hiking or shed hunting. Most of the time having to deal with warmer temperatures. I have spent years struggling with ways to always have water on hand, toting water bottles in your pack is always a pain and most hydration reservoirs are difficult to keep clean and maintain. This year at the SHOT Show I had the privilege to meet the folks at HydraPak and get the run down on their hydration solutions. While I’m in the field I prefer a reservoir or bladder style hydration system, so my attention was drawn towards the HydraPak Force and Full Force reservoirs. I spend as much time as I can in the field with my 4 legged friends and hunting partners so having enough water on hand for all of us is very important to me, with that being said I went with the Force series in the 3-liter version. Most packs these days are H2O compatible which I like because it makes for carrying your water supply easier and very accessible. I chose the Full-Force because of the pressure activation feature which makes it easy to share water with my dogs without having to carry some type of bowl or have them put their mouth on the bite valve. The Full-Force has a squeeze bulb which is easily used with one hand and allows you to spray water into your mouth or your dog and also allows you to spray yourself or dog to help cool down on the long days in the field. The spray system also came in handy this spring to spray of my dog’s muddy paws before loading him in the truck. Another feature I found very appealing was the ease of cleaning, anybody that has used traditional reservoir system knows that they could be a pain to get clean and time consuming. HydraPak makes clean incredibly easy, simply remove from pack disconnect Hydrant Tube using the quick disconnect, open the top of the reservoir, turn reservoir inside out and place on the top shelf of the dishwasher. Cleaning the tube and bite-valve is also easy because all the components are removable. With tube disconnected, remove bite valve, gently remove silicone sheath, clean everything with mild warm soapy water and tube brush, rinse thoroughly, dry all components and reassemble. HydraPak recommends storing tube and bite vale in freezer to prevent and growth from accruing. HydraPak stands firmly behind all of their products and has one of the best warranties in the business. If you experience any issue with the product’s manufacturing or materials, we’ll repair or replace the item for free. No questions asked. Whatever it takes for you to keep the adventure going. I have already had the opportunity to take my HydraPak on several trips afield this year and will continue to use it and put it through the paces. I would highly recommend that if you are looking to get your first hydration reservoir or replace and existing reservoir that HydraPak is on your list of ones to check out. Go check out their full line of hydration systems at and make sure your next adventure is a safe and hydrated one.


High-strength & leak-proof

  • RF (Radio Frequency) welded seams
  • Bonds at the molecular level
  • Consistent air tight seal

Easy cleaning & drying

  • Patented Slide-Seal top simplifies filling
  • Plug-N-Play™ quick connect system
  • Shape-Shift™ locking / unlocking baffle


  • Multi-use Hydrant™ Tube includes a silicone squeeze bulb and pressure activated valve for one handed dispensing – spray to cool, clean, share, fill or drink
  • Dust cover protects silicone bite valve from collecting dirt
  • Pack clip easily attaches to backpack straps for quick access and ideal routing
  • Wide Slide-Seal™ top makes it easy to fill and creates a leak-proof seal
  • Plug-N-Play™ connect system lets you easily disconnect the drink tube (an auto shutoff valve prevents leaking) and remove the reservoir from your pack for convenient refilling
  • Fully reversible for easy cleaning and drying, top-shelf dishwasher safe
  • Made of ultra-durable, abrasion resistant TPU & RF welded seams for superior durability and elasticity
  • Can be frozen or filled with hot water (max temp 60° C / 140° F
  • Safe and reliable, 100% BPA & PVC free


3 L / 100 fl oz.

250 g / 8.8 oz.

440 mm / 17 in x 165 mm / 6.5 in

Thermoplastic Polyurethane; HDPE; Silicone

SAVAGE MSR 10 Hunter

By Jim Draper

After spending time with the guys and gals at Vista Outdoors, the mother company of Savage Arms, at this year’s NRA Show here in Atlanta, GA, I finally made my mind up and decided to make the leap into adding a tactical style rifle to my hunting arsenal. My choice for my new tactical or MSR hunting rifle is the Savage MSR 10 Hunter chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor. Savage has a long history in the firearms industry and has really done their due diligence in research and manufacturing with their version of the AR 10 style rifle. I have several Savage rifles in my gun cabinet now and know without a doubt that the MSR 10 will provide me with many years of service and pleasure of shooting and hunting without failure.

Let’s start with a little run down on the Savage MSR10 Hunter. The all-new Savage MSR 10 Hunter is available in 308 Win and 6.5 Creedmoor but in a compact sporting platform that still packs the same punch of its 308 Win. and 6.5 Creedmoor bolt action counterparts. Probably the first thing that attracted me to the MSR10 Hunter was the weight. I have shot several Ar10 rifles and one thing that really turned me off was the weight. If it was getting one just for taking to the range to shoot, weight wouldn’t be an issue but I plan to use mine for hunting where weight is usually a factor when packing in and out of your tree-stand or blind. The 41” overall length MSR10 Hunter weighs in right at 8 lbs., which is slightly higher than say a bolt action hunting rifle, but is still very manageable.  Don’t let the light weight scare you into thinking it will be a shoulder pounder, however. Savage hooked up with one of their sister companies, Blackhawk and equipped the MSR 10 with their new Knoxx AR Pistol Grip and Axiom Carbine Stock. The Knoxx pistol grip has a very comfortable grip angle and palm swell, as well as a fully textured surface to prevent slippage on damp or wet days. The Axiom a-frame carbine stock is fully adjustable to fit almost every shooter and has a very forgiving recoil pad. It also has multiple QD sling mounts which allows you to choose the best sling for you. The action on the MSR10 is direct-impingement. Direct-impingement does away with a separate gas cylinder, piston, and operating rod assembly. High-pressure gas acts directly upon the bolt and carrier thereby saving weight, lowering costs, and reducing the mass of the operating parts, and thereby the wear on mechanical parts due to movement. It is also factory equipped with Nickel Boron treated Blackhawk trigger assembly to reduce wear and friction. The 6.5 Creedmoor model is fitted with an 18” Savage barrel with 1:8″ 5R Right-hand rifling with a tough Melonite QPQ finish. I’m going to stop right here for a moment and explain two things that I did not know until I did my research.  I had never heard of these terms before. One is 5R rifling and the other is Melonite QPQ finish. 5R rifling is an improvement over conventional rifling by changing the shape and configuration of the lands and grooves. Conventional rifling, while effective, can be improved upon in two ways. Conventional rifling has sharp 90-degree corners from the top of the land to the bottom of the groove. Also, Conventional rifling has lands and grooves opposing one another. The 5R rifling improves upon this by using 5 lands and grooves over the even numbers, which puts lands opposite of grooves. Further, the transition from the top of the land to the groove is sloped. 5R reduces projectile deformation as it passes through the bore during the firing sequence. By placing the lands opposite of the grooves, the bullets are no longer squeezed on opposite sides, thus ensuring the projectile stays uniform instead of squeezing material into the grooves. More uniform projectile means better accuracy. Secondly, by sloping the transition to the groove, the barrels become much easier to clean. In a conventionally rifled platform, these corners become depositories for lead and superheated materials left after shooting. Cleaning supplies have a hard time reaching these corners, as they are incredibly small. By sloping it, cleaning supplies are easily able to get to the deposits. Melonite coating provides a thinner surface than chrome-lining, so bore friction is reduced for better accuracy. Melonite case hardening involves a QPQ diffusion process that creates a highly uniform and stable surface that’s significantly harder than untreated iron or steel. Thus, parts, components, and equipment treated with this are far more resistant to normal wear and tear, even under the harshest of conditions. Other upgrades straight from the factory include a free-float fore-end, custom-forged lower receiver for a unique look and compact size. All of these features come with a very reasonable price tag; the MSRP is $1,481, but I have found the price tag south of $1400 in some gun shops and online. Check the Savage MSR 10 Hunter out on Savage’s website, or better yet visit your local gun store and put one in your hands.


  • 308 Win. (1:10-inch 5R) and 6.5 Creedmoor (1:8-inch 5R)
  • Compact AR-10 design
  • 16 1/8-inch fluted barrel with Melonite QPQ finish; 18-inch barrel for 6.5 Creedmoor
  • 7.8 pounds, 308 Win.; 8.0 pounds, 6.5 Creedmoor
  • Custom forged upper/lower for unique look and compact size
  • Free-float M-LOK® handguard
  • BLACKHAWK! KNOXX® AR Pistol Grip and AXIOM Carbine Stock
  • BLACKHAWK! trigger with Nickel Boron treatment
    • PART NUMBER: 22902
    • DESCRIPTION: MSR 10 Hunter – 308 Win.
    • UPC: 0-11356-22902-1
    • ACTION TYPE: Direct-impingement semi-auto
    • CALIBER: 308 Win.
    • CAPACITY: 20
    • FINISH: Matte black hardcoat anodized receiver and Melonite QPQ barrel
    • BARREL LENGTH: 16.125″
    • RIFLING: 1:10″ 5R Right-hand
    • LENGTH: 39”
    • WEIGHT: 7.8 pounds
  • MSRP: $1,481
    • PART NUMBER: 22903
    • DESCRIPTION: MSR 10 Hunter – 6.5 Creedmoor
    • UPC: 0-11356-22903-8
    • ACTION TYPE: Direct-impingement semi-auto
    • CALIBER: 6.5 Creedmoor
    • CAPACITY: 20
    • FINISH: Matte black hardcoat anodized receiver and Melonite QPQ barrel
    • BARREL LENGTH: 18”
    • RIFLING: 1:8″ 5R Right-hand
    • LENGTH: 41”
    • WEIGHT: 8 pounds
  • MSRP: $1,481
    • PART NUMBER: 22919
    • DESCRIPTION: MSR 10 Hunter – 338 Federal
    • UPC: 0-11356-22919-9
    • ACTION TYPE: Direct-impingement semi-auto
    • CALIBER: 338 Federal
    • CAPACITY: 20
    • FINISH: Matte black hardcoat anodized receiver and Melonite QPQ barrel
    • BARREL LENGTH: 16.125”
    • RIFLING: 1:10″ 5R Right-hand
    • LENGTH: 41”
    • WEIGHT: 8 pounds
  • MSRP: $1,481

Sitka Ascent

By Jim Draper

Hunting in the south or out west during bow season usually comes with warm temperatures, and finding clothing that is not too warm or loose fitting but yet keeps you concealed can be tough. Well I found the solution, and it is Sitka Gear’s New Ascent pants and shirt in their new Optifade Subalpine. The Optifade Subalpine has plenty of green and brown shades to blend with the early season in the south where I live. The Sitka Ascent series is extremely light but yet very durable. I have personally worn mine in briars and came out with no tears or pulls in the fabric. The Ascent Series is made from a durable 4-way stretch Cordura Nylon and is designed with a performance fit which allows you to wear it a little tighter without restriction of movement. It also has great moisture wicking traits.  Both the pants and shirt have mesh in key areas, such as under the arms and in all pockets, to provide better air flow to help keep you cool and allows for faster drying. The Ascent Series also uses Sitka’s Polygiene Technology, which safely and permanently neutralizers odors with natural antimicrobial silver salt. After using my new Sitka Ascent gear this season I am very happy with its performance and would highly recommend it. Many people are probably thinking there is “No Way” I can see me buying that expensive hunting clothing, and I have to admit that before I actually got some and tried it out I was the same way. I am a blue collar worker and most of the time my money has to be spent wisely, so I guess you would ask “What makes Sitka a wise purchase?”. First and foremost to me it’s the durability, I am the type that when I get something that I really like I want to keep it around for a long time and Sitka gear will definitely do that. Second is fit, I hate bulky clothing especially when bow hunting, Sitka gear fits close to your body without hindering movement. Versatility is very important, here in the south and out west many of your mornings can start off cool and warm up very quickly. Sitka has that covered by having a garment all the way from next to skin out to vests and jackets.

Lightweight and ultra-breathable Ascent Pants features a quick-drying, 4 way stretch brushed nylon fabric and anti-stink Polygiene® treatment to keep you cool on them early season hunts.

The Ascent Pant’s low profile waist band won’t chafe or bunch, and articulated knees are shaped for hunters on the move. Knee pad pockets offer optional protection if desired, and all pockets are mesh backed for added ventilation, and a gusseted crotch provides full range of movement.


– Shell // Stretch Cordora Nylon Woven Blend (60% Cordura, 30% Nylon, 10% Spandex)

– Pockets // Polyester Mesh


– Lightweight, breathable internal mesh knee pad pockets (knee pads not included).

– Mesh-backed hand and cargo pockets are highly breathable and light.

– 4-way stretch Cordura Nylon woven is lightweight, durable and dries fast.

– Wicks sweat and keeps odor in check with Polygiene.

– Articulated patterning combined with a Performance Fit.


– Polygiene Odor Control Technology


12 oz // 32 Regular

Used alone, the Ascent Shirt’s overall lightweight construction and mesh material under the arms helps to keep you cool in them early season stand sits or spot and stalks. As a base layer, the Ascent Shirt proves to move moisture rapidly, ensuring proper thermoregulation.

The Ascent Shirt features a lightweight but durable nylon body and polyester knit sleeves for the ultimate in fit and function. The collar on the Ascent Shirt can be worn up for additional sun protection, or folded down and out of the way. Treated with anti-stink Polygiene®, the fabric fights odor and dries quickly. Mesh underarm panels and chest pockets provide additional ventilation.


– Torso & Upper Arms // 20 denier stretch woven Nylon Ripstop treated w/ Polygiene (40g, 100% nylon)

– Key Areas // Quiet Knit Polyester Grid Jersey

– Underarm // Breathable Polyester Mesh


– 29 UPF w/ no chemical treatment.

– Flip up collar for sun protection.

– Thoughtfully mapped fabrics provide air-conditioned comfort.

– Knit panels built into this shirt provide stretch in key areas.

– Wicks sweat, dries fast and keeps odor in check with Polygiene.


– Polygiene Odor Control Technology


4.7 oz // Large

If you are in the market for some high quality, lightweight and comfortable hunting clothes go to your local retailer and check it out, or go to for more information on the full Sitka Gear lineup and their technology.

Garmin Tactix Bravo

By Jim Draper

Garmin is a well-known name in the GPS and communication industry, but many don’t know that they also create some very nice watches that are very useful to us hunters. I have never really been one to wear a watch but when I got the chance to test out the Garmin Bravo Tactix watch I was very excited. The Bravo Tactix is not only built to withstand almost anything we can put it through but also has many great and very useful features. The Tactix features a protective stainless steel bezel and buttons, and reinforced housing for extra durability, a high-strength domed sapphire face, Omni-directional stainless steel EXO™ antenna, with GPS/GLONASS satellite reception to guide you on and off the beaten path using GPS plus ABC (altimeter, barometer and compass). The GPS is one of my favorite features because it allows me to get in and out of hunting areas without needing to pack in a handheld gps, so it cuts down weight in my backpack. The Bravo Tactix also pairs with your smart phone to receive texts, email, and phone calls. The Altimeter, Barometer and Compass are very helpful tools while packing into the mountains or backcountry to help keep you from getting lost or caught in inclement weather. The Bravo Tactix is loaded with features and also looks good enough to wear out on the town.

True Performance Meets Tactical Functionality

  • 1.2-inch high-resolution, sunlight-readable Garmin Chroma Display™ with high-strength domed sapphire lens, capable of switching between 2 modes: day use and night vision goggle compatibility
  • Omni-directional stainless steel EXO™ antenna, with GPS/GLONASS satellite reception, has the ability to track in more challenging environments
  • All-black, rugged and durable design inspired by the requirements of tactical gear intended for use in the field
  • Knurled bezel with a black diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating for increased abrasion resistance and black PVD-coated stainless steel buttons, knurled start/stop button, rear case plate and screws
  • Tactical specific features like Jumpmaster, projected waypoints, dual-format GPS coordinate data and TracBack®
  • Battery life: up to 2 weeks in smartwatch mode (depending on settings), up to 20 hours in GPS mode or up to 50 hours in UltraTrac™ battery saver mode

The Bravo is not an inexpensive watch but well worth the price for everything it can do. Check it out at

Dog Bone Game Recovery System

By Jim Draper

The great folks at Dog Bone dog training systems have done it again with another great training program for us hunters. This time it’s the Game Recovery System, a do it yourself training kit to teach your 4 legged friends how to assist in recovering your wounded or lost game. As most hunters have encountered, sometimes you can make a not so perfect shot, and tracking and finding your deer could be a very long process or the deer could be lost forever. With trainer Jeremy Moore’s Game Recovery System and easy to follow training instructions, you and your dog could greatly increase your chances of recovering that trophy buck or doe. I know some people think that they shouldn’t need a dog to trail a wounded deer but I can tell you from experience that a rapid recovery is necessary in most places.  For instance, in the South you run the risk of the heat spoiling your meat. Also, with our ever-growing coyote population, there have been many instances where a deer left over night can be completely ravished.  The Game Recovery Systems comes with every thing you need to successfully train your dog to track and find your wounded game. The kit comes complete with a piece of 100% real deer hide, Blood Trail training scent, drag line, ez-clip, and a very easy to follow training manual. Dog Bone also offers some additional items that you can purchase to assist in your training such as a tracking leash, replacement hide patches and scent, as well as a great DVD by trainer Jeremy Moore that really aids in training and is very informative. Jeremy states that with this program you can train virtually any dog of any age, and so far I have no doubts because I am in the process of training my 5 year old Chocolate Lab “Hank” as well as his 1 year old son “Max” and both are doing great.  I have no doubts they will be ready to track deer without a hitch this coming deer season. Tracking dogs are legal in a lot of states, including most of the Eastern states, except a couple like WV and PA, so make sure you check your local game laws. For more info on the Dog Bone Game Recovery System check out their website at or give them a call at 920-615-5788.


Hoppe’s Black

By Jim Draper

Just about anyone who has been hunting or shooting for any amount of time has most likely used one or more of Hoppe’s gun care products, and with good reason. Hoppe’s has been making exceptional gun care products for more than 100 years and continues to improve their products to keep up with the changing times. Hoppe’s new line, Hoppe’s Black was specifically designed for today’s MSR’s (Military Style Rifles) and other high-round count firearms, but works equally well on all types of firearms. Designed to withstand a wide range of temps from -65°F to 540°F – it will prepare your firearm for any situation. Hoppe’s Black is comprised of a Gun Cleaner, Precision Oil, Copper Cleaner, Grease Syringe, and Lubricating Cloth. The new line-up includes –

Hoppe’s Black Gun Cleaner is an advanced cleaning formula engineered specifically to remove high carbon levels from high round count firearms. Hoppe’s Black Copper Cleaner is engineered specifically for modern firearms, but is also safe to use on any firearm bore, and is designed to remove high levels of copper.

Hoppe’s Black Precision Oil is formulated to manage the high heat temperature conditions created in high round count shooting situations. With an extreme temperature range from -65°f to 540°f, it will not freeze up and will not break down in high heat situations.  It includes rust inhibitors.

Decreasing the wear and tear on your firearms is very important and by using Hoppe’s Black Grease Syringe it will help keep your firearm performing in extreme conditions. Hoppe’s Black Grease has the same extreme temperature range as the other Black products and is a synthetic polymer formula, and the syringe applicator allows for very precise application in hard to reach areas.

And something that should be in every backpack or shooter’s bag is Hoppe’s Black Precision Oil and the Hoppe’s Black Lubricating Cloth. It is safe for any type of stock including wood and synthetic and comes packaged in a re-sealable bag.

Check out Hoppe’s complete line of gun care products at

Muddy Prodigy

By Jim Draper

As anyone who hunts in the south knows, early on in our season it can still be very warm, so as much as I love being mobile and hunting from my climbing tree-stand, carrying that extra weight into the woods can be very trying. During the early part of the season I rely solely on fixed position tree-stands. One thing I had always run into when buying fixed position stands was trying to find something I could sit in for long periods of time without breaking the bank. One of the things with lock on stands is that you need more than one so you are able to hunt different locations depending on deer movement and the wind. Well Muddy Outdoors solved my problem with The Prodigy fixed position stand. With an MSRP of $159 (with some shopping around you can find it less expensive) it fell into my affordability factor. Now don’t think because it is less expensive than some others that Muddy cut corners because that is not the case. As a matter of fact it actually has some features that exceed the higher end stands. The Prodigy weighs in at 24 lbs with a generous platform of 24” wide and 30” deep, and when you flip the seat up, it gives you more than enough room to stand up and shoot easily. It uses Muddy’s patented Flex-Tek Zero Gravity seat design, which is ergonomically designed to follow the contour of the hunter’s legs and back, which is incredibly comfortable. The seat and included Spring-Back lumbar support are made of a durable mesh material for longevity and breathability to keep you comfortable and cool during those long sits. The Prodigy is made from rectangular steel tubing, which makes it extremely rigid, providing great stability. I could go on and on about the Muddy Prodigy but trust me when I tell you that if you are needing to replace or add some hang-on tree-stands to your arsenal the Muddy Prodigy will be an excellent choice. Check them out at

Flextone FLX500

By Jim Draper

As a very passionate hunter I am always looking for ways to extend my season and enjoy more time afield. I enjoy predator and crow hunting during the off-season. I have been using the same electronic caller for years and this past season it started to give me some issues. I was really tired of fighting with cords and keeping up with different memory cards, so I began shopping for a new caller.  One of my first issues was trying to find the features I wanted but also trying to keep it within my price range. I finally found one that fit the bill, the Flextone FLX 500.  The Flextone FLX 500 is loaded with features and has and MSRP of $197.99. I know some folks may think that’s expensive but if you have ever looked into purchasing an electronic caller you will know that with everything the FLX has to offer it is a great price. The FLX 500 is a compact unit that is built around the 3 10-watt speakers that swivel so you can play your calls in multiple directions at the same time. A couple of features that really sold me on the FLX were the wireless remote with a backlit display, which makes it easy to read in any conditions (no more wires), and the 100 pre-loaded calls with the capability to download and store up to 500 different calls (no more memory cards). These are categorized and easy to navigate through, both on the remote and on the caller itself. If you want to extend your time in the woods chasing predators or have a fun day in the field with friends and family shooting crows pick yourself up the compact, well-built and easy to use Flextone FLX 500.  **check your local game laws for seasons and use of electronic callers**

Badlands Reaper Pack

By Jim Draper

After many years of trying to get by with cheap back packs, I decided that this year when it was time for a new one I was going to spend the extra money and get myself a pack that would last. Tired of noisy zippers that always seem to fail, I chose to go with the Badlands Reaper, which is zipper free. The Reaper is a smaller pack with a storage volume of 990 cubic inches, making it perfect for the tree stand hunter. Although it is a smaller pack it can easily accommodate all your gear for an all day sit in the stand. This pack is constructed of a proprietary fabric developed by Badlands called Mutex™, which is guaranteed to stay soft and quiet in even the most extreme hunting conditions. The Reaper uses a slide buckle type closing system, which allows you to easily open and close the pack with one hand. The Reaper also comes equipped with plenty of external tie down points to allow you to strap extra hunting gear to it, such as a heavy jacket or rain gear. The Reaper also has Badlands Airtrack technology, which allows air to pass between the pack and your back during warm days or long hikes. The Reaper is also water bladder compatible so you can stay hydrated in the stand quietly. Badlands Packs have been around for many years and stand behind their products; thus their “Fix it For Free Forever Warranty”. Check out Badlands Packs full lineup at

Wilderness Athlete

By Jim Draper

If you are anything like me you have to work for a living. But hunting is your passion and you like to take every opportunity that you can to get into the field; but sometimes after a long vigorous week it’s hard to find the energy. I have recently stumbled upon a company that develops a line of products to boost energy, keep you hydrated and increase your mental clarity, while still keeping your body’s nutritional values in mind. It’s called Wilderness Athlete. Mark Paulsen, founder of Wilderness Athlete and University Director of Athletic Performance for more than twenty-five years started the company based on one simple question… “Why hasn’t the science of mainstream sports nutrition been applied to the specific needs of the outdoor athlete?” I must admit that as I was pouring my first packet of Energy and Focus into my water bottle, I figured it was just another energy drink. But to my surprise I got the energy I needed without the crash I get from most energy drinks. After that experience I had to do some research and found out that Wilderness Athlete Energy & Focus is a notably different type of energy drink, uniquely formulated to feed the energy producing mechanisms in the body while boosting mental clarity and increasing physical output. I also have had the opportunity to try their Hydrate & Recover, which is a precisely balanced electrolyte and mineral composition to support proper hydration, energy metabolism, and physical endurance. Anyone that has hunted or scouted early season in the south can benefit from Hydrate & Recover.  Either one of these two products can be bought in tubs or individual serving packs. I personally found the individual packs very handy because I can easily keep a few in the truck or backpack. So if you are looking for an energy boost or to rehydrate, check out the full line of products that Wilderness Athlete has to offer specifically for us outdoorsmen and women. WWW.WILDERNESSATHLETE.COM

Steady Form

By Jim Draper

As archery hunters we are always looking for new accessories for our bows to make us more confident and better shooters. As for myself I believe that we owe it to the game we pursue to be the best shot we can and make clean and efficient kills. I ran across a product at this year’s ATA show that really intrigued me; the Steady Form torque eliminator. The Steady Form mounts to the bow, and the c-cuff rests against your arm, which makes it almost impossible to put any torque in your bow. This process gives another anchor point from your bow to your body, which will increase accuracy and consistency. For a lack of better terms it is a rear stabilizer for your bow. I’m not one to buy into hype from manufacturers or paid sponsors, so I had to get one and try it for myself. First off I can say that it is extremely easy to install and set-up. As I’ve gotten older and don’t shoot my bow anywhere near as much as I should, my form has suffered slightly. I was looking forward to getting a little assistance from my Steady Form. I was not disappointed at all when I hit the range; I have always considered myself a pretty good shot but the Steady Form tightened up my groups quite a bit, especially when I got out to the 60-yard mark. All I can say is if you are looking to improve your shooting give Steady Form a try. The owner Nick is a great guy and stands behind his product, which is made 100% in the USA. Check out their products and videos at

Tenzing TP14 Turkey Vest

By Jim Draper

Tenzing Packs has gone and done it again with their new turkey pack/vest the TP14. As with all Tenzing products, they spent tons of time designing and creating a top quality product. The first thing that made me take a liking to the TP14 was how unbelievably comfortable it was to sit in, and as an aging hardcore turkey hunter it seems that comfort is more important than it was when I first took to the woods 25 plus years ago. The TP14 is loaded with features such as a full aluminum internal frame structure, spring loaded adjustable legs to fit every hunter, offering a comfortable and steady shooting position, a fold down padded seat with a generous amount of padding, a padded backrest that is channeled for cooling, a dual waist band strap, specially designed pockets for all your calls, from a box call pocket with paddle silencer, two padded slate call pockets, locator call pockets and a detachable mouth call pouch. The TP14 also has plenty of other pocket space for whatever you carry to the field with you. It also is designed to add a water bladder for those late season hunts when the temps can get pretty warm and hydration is a must. The expandable turkey pocket with a hunter orange safety pullover makes carrying out that gobbler safe and easy. Not only is the TP14 great for turkey hunting, it is also a great crossover pack for the spot and stalk hunters or the hunter that enjoys hunting from the ground and wants to be comfortable and steady for that shot of a lifetime. I filmed several turkey hunts this past season and I loved having adequate room in the pack for all my camera gear.  It also allowed me to be very steady with the camera without being trapped to use a tripod that can sometimes make getting the birds on film difficult. I am also planning on taking the Tenzing TP14 out west with me this year on my Elk hunt, and I believe it is going to be a huge advantage being able to get set-up quick and be steady for a good clean shot. So if you are in the market for a turkey/hunting vest that will give you years of service and make your hunts more comfortable, give the Tenzing TP14 a look you won’t be let down. You can check them out at

Boker Arbolito/Optima Knives

By Jim Draper

Every hunter knows the importance of a great hunting knife, and if you have ever looked into purchasing a quality knife and done any research, I am sure the name Boker has come up and with good reason.  Boker has been around for over 145 years making hand made knives that not only look great, but also are extremely functional in the field. Recently I picked up a couple of Boker knives myself. First I got the Boker Optima Hunting set which is a great all around folding blade knife with an interchangeable blade system. The Optima comes with your standard blade but also comes with a gut hook, saw blade and a premium belt sheath. The other Boker knife that really caught my attention was the Arbolito Hunters Combo, which is a 8 1/2″ gut hook blade knife and a 5″ caper knife that are both constructed of high quality 440A stainless steel and finished off with a beautiful stag handle. Both come in a handcrafted leather sheath. When a company has been around as long as Boker you can count on quality that will bring you many years of dependable use, not to mention Boker stands behind their knives with a lifetime warranty. So make sure when deciding on your next hunting or all-purpose knife that you check out Boker’s complete lineup at

Nature Blinds Stalking Shield

By Jim Draper

I have always been the type to use all techniques when it comes to hunting, whether it is sitting in a tree-stand or ground blind to the occasional spot and stalk. Well I will be the first to admit that I have not had the best of success over the years with spot and stalk, but thanks to the folks at Nature Blinds my chances may have just increased. Nature Blinds, a company out of Texas created the Stalking Shield, which is not just a portable blind but a piece of artwork to say the least. It actually looks like you peeled part of a tree right off and started using it. The Stalking Shield is just as the name implies. It is a lightweight shield ( 8lbs.) that is easily carried in one hand while your gun or bow is carried in the other, allowing you to use it as camouflage as well as to hide your movements while making a stalk on your quarry, whether it be deer, turkeys or any other game throughout the country. The Stalking Shield has a well centered comfortable handle that makes it very well balanced while carrying, and it is also equipped with a prop rod so when it’s time to make the shot you can stay concealed and not have to worry about the Stalking Shield tipping over. So if you’re ready to increase your odds of a successful spot and stalk, check out the Stalking Shield and all of the other products from Nature Blinds.

YETI Hopper

By Jim Draper

Each January I look forward to attending the ATA (Archery Trade Association) show. It’s a great time to catch up with old friends, and of course, to see what new products are coming out. One of my favorite booths to visit is the Yeti booth. Over the years they have become a household name in the cooler industry. I have really enjoyed my Tundra, so of course I was excited to see their new line up. Although the Tundra series of coolers is great, they are heavy and bulky and therefore not always a logical choice for short trips or taking it with you on the beach. One of the new products I was interested in getting my hands on was the Yeti Hopper. The Hopper is Yeti’s solution to the flimsy soft-sided coolers out there. Yeti’s DRYHIDE shell is extremely durable, puncture resistant and leak proof. The shell is made from the same material as high performance whitewater rafts, so you can bet that it will hold up to just about whatever us outdoorsmen can throw at it. The great folks at Yeti also took into consideration that we may spend days or even weeks afield without being able to give it a good cleaning so they used a liner that was anti-microbial and resists mildew. It also boasts a HYDROLOK zipper, designed to prevent leakage. Combined with the COLDCELL insulation, the Yeti cooler will keep your beverages cold for days. I chose the Hopper 20, which using Yeti’s 2 to 1 ice ratio, holds 12 cans of whatever beverage your prefer, and 20 pounds of ice. I have taken the Hopper 20 on the road with me a few times now, and was impressed with its portability and ice retention. While at the ATA, I also picked up a couple of Yeti’s other products, the Rambler Colster, which keeps your bottle or can icy cold for quite some time, and the Rambler Tumbler, which will maintain your hot or cold beverage’s temp for hours. I absolutely love my Tumbler. Be sure to check these and Yeti’s other products out on their website,

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Exodus Trail Camera

By Jim Draper

When I am planning a purchase for new gear I have to do my research to ensure that I get the most for my hard earned dollar. So when it came time for a new trail camera things were no different. I have tried several brands and have had one issue or another. In my search for the best bang for my buck I ran across a fairly new trail camera company, Exodus. Matt and Chad started the company out of frustration, with many of the trail cameras on the market, and increasing poor customer service. What caught my attention was their incredible warranty. Exodus offers a two-part 5-year warranty, a normal warranty against failure or manufacturer’s defect, as well as a 5-year Theft/Damage Replacement. With this part of the warranty, if your camera is damaged due to bear attack or such, or if it is stolen, Exodus will give you a 50% discount on a replacement camera. Another plus of Exodus is the fact that they are sold directly to the consumer, thus keeping the price down. The Exodus Lift model is packed with features that rival high price point cameras, such as the 60’ IR flash module, Aluminum Alloy Reinforced Shell with a durable All-Weather finish coating, 2” color LCD viewing screen, 4 Camera Modes, 4 image resolution settings, video settings of 720p or 1080p with audio, Cable Lockable, Lockable SD card slot and password protection. Add a price of $229 to these features, and I personally will be using Exodus cameras from now on. I suggest you check them out at

Dog Bone Shed Antler Retrieving

By Jim Draper

With deer season over and turkey season still in the distant future, this is the time of year when we all tend to get a little cabin fever and are ready to get back out and enjoy Mother Nature. Here’s a great idea; why not teach your best friend and hunting companion a new trick? It’s called Shed hunting. Shed hunting not only gets you and man’s best friend off the couch, but also helps you keep in shape, as well as keeping you updated on your deer herd. You will know who made it through the winter and put your hands on some of those antlers that you had on trail cameras.  If this sounds like something you would enjoy then you need to check out the Dog Bone Shed Antler Retrieving System from Moore Outdoors. It is a very simple system that will work with virtually any breed. The system is an inexpensive way to get more time in the field with your hunting dog or family pet. It is a three piece kit that includes a very detailed, yet easy to understand training manual, a soft retrieving antler, and a 2 oz. bottle of antler scent. The system was developed by professional Dog Trainer and Shed Hunter, Jeremy Moore. Jeremy has worked with some of the top names in the hunting industry. He has trained “Jeb” which is Nick Mundt’s puppy and the newest addition to the Bone Collector TV show family. The Dog Bone Retriever Training System is also the system used to train “Tank”, Lee and Tiffany Lakosky’s black lab which will be appearing on their show “The Crush”. Now you don’t have to be a professional trainer to use this system, because Jeremy did the hard part for you! He made the system very easy to use for you and your dog. In the instructional manual he breaks in down into six easy to follow steps that will have your dog ready to head to the field and get you a mess of antlers to collect or sell. Jeremy even gives you training tips on how to deal with shed-shy dogs. If you would like more info or to purchase the Shed Antler Retrieving System check out Moore Outdoors at or give them a call at (902)-615-5788.

MAVEN B.2 Binoculars

By Jim Draper

One thing I have learned over the years is that you can’t cut corners with your optics. I believe the person that first said “You Get What You Pay For” had to be referring to Scopes and Binoculars. Well a fairly newcomer to the Binocular market that definitely does not have to worry about being accused of cutting corners is Maven Outdoor Equipment Company, based right here in the good ol’ USA in Lander, Wyoming. Maven officially opened for business on September 22, 2014 while launching their B-Series Optics. When my Maven B.2 9×45 binoculars showed up at the door, (which only took a couple days) I was extremely impressed with the looks of them. But the real wow moment happened when I picked them up. All I can say is trust me that even when you first put the Maven’s in your hand you will feel the quality and know they will be the last set of Bino’s you will need. Maven designed their binoculars to compete with the best and most celebrated names in the optics industry, but at a fair price. Maven’s B-Series full-featured optics feature ED (extra-low dispersion) glass that makes them great in low light at any distance. The frames are constructed from incredibly durable and lightweight magnesium. This feature combined with a high performance non-PVC rubber armor coating and aluminum accents make the Maven B.2’s nearly indestructible. Now for one of the coolest things about Maven Binoculars… You can build your own custom pair!!!!! Because Maven sells direct to the public this allows them to let the customer go on their website and build their own custom set of binoculars. You can start by choosing your frame size, then move on to magnification and then the fun starts. You get to choose from seven different color options for your body amour, and then you get to choose your own colors for the neck strap rings, focus wheel, ocular lens rings, objective lens rings, tripod cover plate and labeling. You can even go as far as having custom engraving done on them to add an even more personal touch. So with all the premium features, the ability to customize your binoculars to your taste and Maven’s NO Questions Asked Warranty, I think that if you or someone you know is in the market for a new set of binoculars you owe it to yourselves to check out Maven’s full line up at

YETI Tundra

By Jim Draper

When first hearing about Yeti I was thinking, “What makes a cooler worth so much money? ”Well, I can honestly say that if you ever bought one you would never ask that question again. After the Yeti cooler showed up on my front porch I was anxious to get it out of the box and start abusing it to see if it stood up to their slogan “Wildly Stronger – Keep Ice Longer”, because in my mind a cooler is a cooler. Boy was I wrong!  The first thing that I noticed was how sleek it looked, and then felt how indestructible.  After checking out the Yeti website, I found out that they had actually tested them against wild Grizzly Bears, and the bear lost! “Well ok they are tough” you say, “but will they keep my stuff cold?” you ask.  And to that I have to answer “yes” and with ice to spare. I can tell you that at the time of this write up I have had ice in mine for five days, and most of the ice is still there. My tests are still ongoing at this time, but if you are interested in the final results when I am done please feel free to email me at, and I will be more than happy to share my complete test results with you.

What makes a Yeti a Yeti? It could be its one piece rotational-molded construction (the same process used to make whitewater kayaks). It has a minimum of two inches of polyurethane foam through out the body, as well as three inches in the lid to provide superior insulation. They also use freezer style sealing gaskets to lock in the cold, T-latch keepers that are molded into the body of the cooler so they can’t fail, a full length integrated hinge system that can’t hyper-extend and break, and marine-grade nylon rope handles with rubber grip that are almost impossible to break. The drain plug is a screw-in style with a gasket that is leak-proof, rubber non-marking no slip feet, padlock holes that are also molded into the cooler body to keep out unwanted guest, and the Yeti also has tie-down points molded in to help you keep your Yeti in place even in rough conditions. In closing if you believe that a cooler is just a cooler then you need to give a Yeti a try and you will see that there is a difference. Check out Yeti’s website at to see their full line up and all the great accessories to make your Yeti the last cooler you will ever need.

Cottonwood Outdoors

By Jim Draper

Just like many of you I spend a lot of quality time in my tree stand. So comfort is a major factor in being able to sit for long period of times. And as many hunters know, the longer you can sit in your tree stand the better your chances of being successful.  As I have found out over the years no matter which tree-stand you have it doesn’t take long to wear out the factory seat cushion, and it is too expensive to buy a new stand. Also the replacement seats the manufacturers sell just don’t hold up.   Thankfully for us hunters there is a company out there that is looking out for us. Cottonwood Outdoors makes replacement seats for just about every stand, not only as a replacement but also as an upgrade from your original. Cottonwood makes their entire replacement cushions out of a completely waterproof fabric and weatherproof construction, with a significant amount of extra padding over factory cushions. They have a quick release buckle system for easy installation and it is removable as well. Cottonwood offers a few different choices so you can customize your seat to your needs. There is the standard style, which is just a basic replacement, which is constructed of the same durable waterproof construction all the way up to the Supreme, which has accessory pockets, kidney warmer pocket, dual water bottle storage and the “Ventilator” channel which provides air flow under you for a cooler sit on warm days while also providing a firmer feel. I upgraded the cushion on my Summit Goliath a couple of years ago and it was one of the best decisions I have made when it comes to my stand. I would also like to point out that Cottonwood manufactures other products to make your tree stand exactly what you have been looking for, like a Weathershield tree stand cover to keep rain, frost, snow and sun off your stand to keep it dry, therefore extending the lifespan of your seat and accessories.  They also offer replacement rail pads and accessory bags for extra storage to keep your gear close and protected. Another one of their products I added to my stand last year was the ADA blind system, which will not only hide any movement from weary game, but also help protect you from the wind on those cool crisp mornings. I have my stand all decked out with Cottonwood Outdoors products and they have performed flawlessly. I can’t imagine hunting without them. So if you are looking to replace some parts of your stand or just simply want to make it more comfortable, Cottonwood Outdoors has everything to fit your needs. Visit them at

HECS Stealthsceen

By Jim Draper

As hunters we are always on the look out for new gear to give us the upper hand on our quarry. I ran across an interesting product that may just help tip the odds a little more in our favor, the HECS STEALTHSCREEN. The HECS STEALTHSCREEN is a revolutionary new material that allows you to get closer to animals in their natural, undisturbed state and experience life in the wild like never before by blocking the body’s faint electric signal with conductive carbon fiber. When first reading about a product that blocks the faint electric signal that our bodies emit and game can detect, I have to say I was a little skeptical but also very intrigued. So I started doing my research and found that several studies have been done in the animal science field and they have made significant discoveries in the ability of many animals to sense very minor changes in their electrical environment. HECS effectively creates a Faraday Cage (a conductive grid that can block EM signals) for your body that is quiet, flexible, lightweight and comfortable. After spending some quality time on the HECS website reading all of their scientific proof they have gathered and the studies done I am going to be giving the HECS STEALTHSCEEN a workout this year in the woods. The STEALHSCEEN is sold as a complete three-piece suit, which includes long sleeve shirt, pants and head cover.  It is lightweight, breathable, machine washable and durable and the conductive fiber won’t wash out. There is no way I could include all of the information that they provide on their product so I would strongly suggest that you check out the HECS website at and possibly add the HECS STEALTHSCEEN system to your gear bag.

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